Hilde + Gero Schwager
Ulmenstraße 43
36381 Schluechtern / Germany
Tel. 0049 66 61 / 91 81 70
Fax: 0049 66 61/ 91 81 77
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We live in Schlüchtern, a small town in the Main-Kinzig-District in the eastern part of the state of Hessen/Germany. Because of its surrounding mountain ranges, the Schlüchtern region is referred to as Mountain-Nook, in German language Bergwinkel.
It lies near to the motorway A66 Frankfurt-Fulda.

Throughout our life we have been loving animals and of course cats in particular. In 1995 we made our first acquaintance with persian cats and we instantly felt they are our great passion. What fascinated us about them was their beauty and gentle manner.Soon our first persian cats Charly and Aysha moved in.

 They didn´t stay alone for a long time. Two more persian cats and one exotic shorthair male joined our family.
We weren´t thinking about breeding cats when all of a sudden our male fell in love with our Stella. Raising these kittens was such a pleasure for us that now the idea of breeding persian cats was born.
Breeding Persians became our hobby, our passion and favorite pastime.

Today we are small hobby breeders. Our cattery focus is on persians in bicolor, all kinds of tabby with and without white and smoke. Silvertabbies are our greatest love.

Well-known American lines form the basis of our breeding. We are a CFG and CFA registered cattery.

 Our cats are completely integrated in our family life. They can move freely in our spacious house and additionally have the possibility to discover their surrounding within our large and cat safe garden.

 We strictly oppose caging.

An optimal medical provision, love and care are obvious to us.
Should you be interested in one of our kitten for breeding or simply as a loving pet, please feel free to contact us.

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